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  • Whirled Pies

    The Higgs

    The Higgs

    Sun, August 19, 2018

    7:00 pm (event ends at 10:00 pm)


    This event is all ages

    The Higgs
    The Higgs
    A Cosmic California Rock Story

    The Higgs is one of the preeminent jam rock bands in Southern California today. The four members include John Lovero (Guitar/Vocals), Garrett Morris (Drums), David Barsky (Bass/Vocals), and Jesse August Jennings (Keys/Organ/Synth). They have tremendous stage presence and truly enjoy interacting with their audiences - and it shows up in their sound, which is known for being tight & infectious. Named after the elusive Higgs-Boson particle - which provides for "mass" of all things in the Universe and helps to unify the different forces; The Higgs blur musical boundaries and unify the different sounds of blues, reggae, alt-rock, prog and jam rock into an awesome musical fusion. Come check out why The Higgs are one of the fastest-growing bands in the scene today!!

    John Lovero is a singer/songwriter, lead guitarist, who writes the majority of The Higgs music. His influences range from Stephen Stills, Neal Casal, to Jimmy Herring. He has been featured in many bands including Midnight North.

    Garrett Morris is versed in a plethora of musical genres and holds a degree in drums and percussion. He launched his career by touring with Igor and Red Elvises. Morris has played on numerous albums. He played kit in a musical production of "School House Rock Live" in Los Angeles selling out three consecutive months. Garrett also performed with Rita Coolidge, members of The Guess Who, and Mike Woods (America).

    David Barsky has a colorful story as a bass player and author. Originally from Philadelphia, he draws inspiration from a myriad of genres; including rock/jazz, electronica and reggae. David has performed hundreds of shows across the continental U.S. covering a large variety of musical genres.

    Jesse August Jennings hails from the East Coast. He has an epic amount of experience with Piano/Rhodes/Clav, various analog synths and Hammond organ. His first touring band, Purple Schoolbus, played close to one thousand live shows over the continental US; they performed in various line ups with artist Keller Williams, Col. Bruce Hampton and the Aquarium Rescue Unit, members of SouLive and many other jam outfits. Jennings has done shows with Grammy winner John Starling and has recorded music with players like Jay Starling (Love Canon) and Chris Eldridge (Punch Brothers).
    Venue Information:
    Whirled Pies
    199 W. 8th
    Eugene, OR, 97401