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    Caveman Dave, Whirled Music Series

    Caveman Dave

    Whirled Music Series

    Wed, May 23, 2018

    6:00 pm (event ends at 8:00 pm)


    This event is all ages

    Caveman Dave
    Caveman Dave
    Caveman Dave's first album was a children's/folk album. With the release of 'Dinosaurs Are Cool' in March of 2014, Caveman Dave emerged from his cave with a heart full of love and a message of peace. In the Summer of 2014 Caveman Dave had the privilege of opening for Trout Fishing In America & radio airplay on WXPN's Kid's Corner. With an extensive, non-stop tour life Caveman Dave spent most of 2015 traveling up and down the east coast performing shows at schools, libraries, dive bars, restaurants, festivals, boardwalks, coffee houses, cafes, Breweries, beaches, mountains, rivers... anywhere he could.

    His travels took him to places he had never been to before. He spent the Winter performing throughout Florida. He wrote and recorded a 5 song EP in Miami entitled 'New Canoe'. He traveled to New Orleans and played during Luna Gras, he also performed throughout the Spring/Summer in NC, VA, WV, TN, OH, IL & NY. Caveman Dave returned to Philadelphia in the spring of 2015 and was honored to perform at the 54th Annual Philadelphia Folk Festival. Some of the headliners at this festival where Arlo Guthrie & Lyle Lovett. Caveman Dave performs children's music, classic folk tunes, classic rock, timeless classics & originals that the whole family will enjoy. Though It's not just for kids!! So far, Caveman Dave's music was aired on 88.5 WXPN in Philadelphia, 93.7 WSTW in Delaware, 88.1 WTSQ Charleston & WV & 88.5 WMNF Florida Folk Show, St Petersburg, FL. Caveman Dave continues to travel and has a handful of new songs.
    Whirled Music Series
    Whirled Music Series
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    Every *Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday evenings from 6pm to 8pm, Whirled Pies showcases local and regional musical talent. It's family-friendly and family-priced (free) so come, eat, drink, tap a foot or whirl your partner.

    *These performances will occasionally be preempted by other scheduled events. Check our calendar at whirledpies.com
    Venue Information:
    Whirled Pies
    199 W. 8th
    Eugene, OR, 97401