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    Theo Czuk, Whirled Music Series

    Theo Czuk

    Whirled Music Series

    Fri, March 16, 2018

    6:00 pm (event ends at 8:00 pm)

    This event is all ages

    Theo Czuk
    Theo Czuk

    Songwriter, Novelist, Poet Theo Czuk (pronounced Theo Shoe-K) Nominee for 2014 CD of the Year by Indie Music Digest.

    With a rust-belt groove bolted under vocal, piano and guitar, songsmith Theo Czuk brings a gritty urban blue-collar sound to songs of love and hope and survival. Raised in the shadow of factories on the asphalt of Detroit Boulevards’, ex-patriots of the steel and ore factory towns of Pittsburgh and New Jersey and Philadelphia and Chicago and Cleveland will recognize the familiar sound of:

    Songs spot-welding on the midnight shift at the Plymouth assembly plant.

    Songs with a 5 o'clock shadow.

    Two-fisted songs of growling saxophone in one fist and a boilermaker in the other.

    Songs that grew up under the belly of a salt-rusted Chevy, wrenching at the oil pan.

    Theo Czuk: blue collar to the bone.

    Whether you miss home and you want a soundscape visit or if you’ve never experienced the grit of America’s mid-section, get off at the next cloverleaf exit and join Theo Czuk in the pain and the gain, the strain and the stain, of America’s proletarian heartland.

    (Caution: this music may be very disconcerting and way scary for uninitiated souls. Wear a helmet or a cup, depending on your proclivity.)

    Theo Czuk's novel, HEART-SCARRED, winner of the "Best Literary Western" in the prestigious LARAMIE Book Award for 2014.

    Theo Czuk has served time as a social worker, a canoe guide, a truck driver, a clay sculptor, a teacher, a pauper a poet a pawn and a king (well, not so much the king). In Oregon Theo has added novel writing to his resume of songwriter and poet and spends free time mulling the green of the great Northwest with his wife, Pi, and their pup, Paisley.
    Whirled Music Series
    Whirled Music Series
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    Every *Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday evenings from 6pm to 8pm, Whirled Pies showcases local and regional musical talent. It's family-friendly and family-priced (free) so come, eat, drink, tap a foot or whirl your partner.

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    Venue Information:
    Whirled Pies
    199 W. 8th
    Eugene, OR, 97401